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Our fast and efficient Refractometer Calibration Service can be used to accurately Calibrate most types of gauges.


Our Refractometer Calibration Services

A Refractometer is a device for measuring the refractive index of a liquid.

Refractometers come in four main types: traditional hand-held refractometers, Abbe refractometers, traditional digital refractometers and in-line refractometers. CMS generally calibrate only hand-held refractometers.

The refractive index is measured by placing a drop of the liquid under test onto the prism of the instrument. By closing the upper part of the instrument light passes through and creates a line that can be viewed through the eyepiece. Graduations in the eyepiece indicate the refractive index of the liquid. Distilled water is generally used to provide a baseline reference.



Refractometer Applications

Refractometer’s are important tools with a host of applications. They are mainly for identifying liquids or confirming the effectiveness of manufacturing processes.  Although they are robust, users need to ensure their Refractometer remain in good working order and accurate.


Refractometer Calibration Procedure

Refractometer’ s are first cleaned and then checked to ensure that they are not damaged. They are then examined for accuracy over the range of use in accordance with the specific requirements.

CMS uses calibrated state-of-the-art master equipment to verify that refractometer’s are measuring within requirements and adjusted if required.

Refractometers are returned to our clients with a comprehensive calibration report within three working days of receipt.


Makes of Refractometer We Calibrate

At CMS we calibrate a wide range of refractometer’s.

Makes include: -  Thermo-Fisher, Atago, Hanon Instruments and others.


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Calibration Management Services operates in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 “General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.”


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