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Our fast and efficient Pressure Transducer Calibration Service can be used to accurately Calibrate most types of transducers.


Our Pressure Gauge/Transducer Calibration Services

Analogues pressure gauges use a Bourdon Tube to transmit the applied pressure to the needle mechanism. However they sometimes indicate a slightly lower pressure when going up in pressure than when falling – this is called hysteresis. Some analogue pressure gauges are liquid filled (Glycerin) – this helps to lessen the impact on the mechanism when the gauges are subject to frequently large variations in applied pressure.

Digital pressure gauges generally use a strain gauge to convey an electrical signal to the read-out.  Pressure gauges should not be subjected to impact such as being dropped as the Bourdon mechanism and strain gauge mechanisms are easily damaged or become inaccurate.


Pressure Gauge/Transducer Applications

Pressure gauges are important tools with a host of applications. However it is important that pressure gauges are never over-pressurized as this can result in the malformation of the Bourdon Tube or damage to the strain gauge which renders them permanently damaged. Although they are robust, users need to ensure their Pressure Gauge remain in good working order and accurate.


Pressure Gauge/Transducer Calibration Procedure

Pressure Gauge are first cleaned and then checked to ensure that they are not damaged. They are then examined for accuracy over the range of use in accordance with Australian Standard AS1349 or to specific manufacturer’s requirements if stated.  AS1349 requires that pressure gauges below 63mm face diameter read 3% or better, within 10% and 90% of their range. Gauges greater than 63mm face diameter, must read 1% or better, within 10% and 90% of their range. Specialized gauges are manufactured to read far higher accuracies.

CMS uses calibrated state-of-the-art master equipment to verify that Pressure Gauges are measuring within requirements and adjusted if required.

Pressure Gauges are returned to our clients with a comprehensive calibration report within three working days of receipt.


Makes of Pressure Gauges/Transducers We Calibrate

At CMS we calibrate a wide range of gauges both pressure and vacuum.

Makes include: - Dwyer Instruments, Ashcroft, Ross Brown, Kain, Floyd, Wika, Noshok, Ametek, Omega and many others.


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Calibration Management Services operates in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 “General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.”

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