Portable Appliance Testers


Choosing a Portable Appliance Tester that is Easy to Use


The Importance of Accurate Electrical Appliance Testing

Legislation requires that electrical appliances be checked and tagged at specific intervals to ensure they are safe. Refer Australian Standard AS 3760.


Make Testing Easy on Yourself

For most organizations (factories, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels etc) this can be a daunting task. For this reason, those assigned to do this need a PAT that operates quickly and effectively, and at the same time is not complicated to use. Whilst there are a wide variety of tests that can be performed, the most important safety checks of electrical appliances are:


1/ The Polarity Test – checking that Earth, Neutral and Active wires are correctly connected,

2/ The Earth Continuity Test – checking that the appliance is correctly earthed to ensure that no unacceptable resistances exist in the Earth circuit,

3/ The Insulation Test checks that an acceptably high resistance exists between live parts and accessible earthed parts. This can be carried out by measurement leakage or by measurement of the resistance value.


Portable Appliance Testers that are Easy to Use

Modern PAT’s are designed to clearly indicate when there are Polarity faults. Such issues must be dealt with by a qualified electrician before the appliance is used.  Similarly Earth Continuity Test or Insulation Test failures also indicate that the appliance is unsafe to use.

When selecting a PAT, choose one that can carry out the tests of an appliance within a few seconds and that will clearly indicate a Pass or Failure. When you have hundreds or even thousands of test/tags to perform you need a quick and easy-to-use Portable Appliance Tester.


Ensure That Your Tester is Accurate and Reliable

Most PAT users have them calibrated annually. This gives the users the comfort of knowing they are getting reliable results. If your Portable Appliance Tester needs to be calibrated give Calibration Management Services a call on 08 8381 1322 or via the web at www.calibrationmanagement.com.au