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Our fast and efficient pH Meter Calibration Service can be used to accurately Calibrate many types of meters.


Our pH Meter Calibration Services

A pH meter electronically measures the acidity or alkalinity of liquids by means of a probe. When the device is not being used, the probe (electrode) should be kept immersed in a suitable liquid (preferably a 4.0 buffer solution) to avoid dehydration causing inaccuracies. Equipment that is used for measuring pH should be regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy.

pH meters come in a wide range of types, costs and accuracies from simple and inexpensive pen types to expensive and intricate laboratory models.


pH Meter Applications

Different types of pH meters are used throughout industry and in laboratories worldwide.

They also have uses around the home – for example to check swimming pools, fish aquariums and soil alkalinity etc. Pharmaceutical, wine making and food manufacturing laboratories rely heavily on the accuracy of pH meters to monitor processes and product quality and although most types of pH meters are robust, users need to ensure that they remain in good working order and accurate.


pH Meter Calibration Procedure

Equipment used to measure pH is first thoroughly cleaned and then checked to ensure that it is not damaged. CMS uses calibrated state-of-the-art master equipment to verify that customers’ equipment is measuring pH within an appropriate range of accuracy and if not, is adjusted (where possible).

pH Meters are returned to clients with a comprehensive calibration report within three working days of receipt.


Makes of pH Meter We Calibrate

At CMS we calibrate a wide range of pH measuring equipment.

Makes include: - Hanna, Oakton, Extech, Mettler Toledo, Sper-Scientific, Techne, BDH and others.


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Calibration Management Services operates in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 “General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.”

Please do not hesitate to call Calibration Management Services on 08 8381 1322 if you have any questions related to equipment calibration – our friendly team will be pleased to assist you.