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Our fast and efficient Magnehelic Gauges Calibration Service can be used to accurately Calibrate most ranges of these gauges.


Our Magnehelic Gauges Calibration Services

These are sensitive differential pressure gauges that use a precision diaphragm to measure pressure differences. They are manufactured to specific pressure or vacuum ranges. Dwyer Instruments, the manufacturer of these gauges, have them available in a wide range of different pressures.


Magnehelic Gauges Applications

These gauges are important tools with a host of applications – for example low ranges models

(In the order of 60Pa full scale) are widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing applications particularly in clean rooms where air-balancing is critical. Gauges should be mounted in the vertical plane for maximum accuracy. Zero checks or adjustments should only be made with the high and low pressure connections open to atmosphere.  It is important that gauges are not over-pressurized as this can result in the rupture of the diaphragm. Although these gauges are robust, users need to ensure their Magnehelic Gauges remain in good working order and accuracy.


Magnehelic Gauges Calibration Procedure

Magnehelic Gauges are first cleaned and then checked to ensure that they are not damaged. They are then examined for accuracy over the range of use in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.  CMS uses calibrated state-of-the-art master equipment to ensure that Magnehelic Gauges are measuring within specifications across the range of use.

Typically Magnehelic Gauges measure to accuracies of between ± 2% and ±3% depending on the range.

Following calibration, Magnehelic Gauges are returned to our clients with a comprehensive calibration report within three working days of receipt.


Ranges of Magnehelic Gauges We Calibrate

At CMS we calibrate a wide range of Magnehelic Gauges both pressure and vacuum.

Please note that the information contained here is strictly for guidance only and the manufacturer, Dwyer Instruments, Inc should be consulted regarding any issues related to Magnehelic Gauges.


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Calibration Management Services operates in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 “General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.”

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