Clamp Meters


What you should look for when buying a Clamp Meter or Tester.


The Traditional Clamp Tester

Traditionally the clamp tester was an analog device that simply measured AC current. It had the advantage over in-circuit measurement devices in that large AC currents could be measured by simply clamping the jaws of the tester around the conductor. It was also much safer and also did not need to interrupt the operation of the object being tested. The principle of operation was identical to that of transformers.


The Evolution of the Clamp tester

Although the traditional clamp tester served electricians well further improvements have allowed the instrument to be used for a wide variety of other electrical tests. Clamp tester technology has now progressed well beyond the earlier models. Today’s clamp meters incorporate far more measurement functions and more like digital multimeters. They are also far more accurate and often include logging abilities. Using what is called the Hall Effect, modern clamp testers can now also measure DC current.


Pick What Suits You

But of course you pay for what you get and it is therefore important to carefully consider your needs before selecting a clamp meter.

If you are professional you will want to be sure that your clamp meter is accurate. For this reason we recommend that you have your meter calibrated every year.

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