What could be Causing my Weighing Balance to be Erratic and Inaccurate?


Many factors cause weighing balances to give inaccurate or erratic readings. We will assume that your weighing balance is electronic as there are very few mechanical balances in use these days. Listed below are the most likely causes.


1. Is your balance located in an area where it is subjected to cross wind currents? This situation will certainly have an adverse effect on the reliability of your balance. If this is the case we suggest you set up some form of wind barrier.


2. Is your balance level and solidly mounted so that there is no rocking motion? Making sure your balance is level is important. If necessary adjust the leveling feet.


3. Is your balance free from vibration from nearby machinery?


4. Has your balance been subjected to a strong impact or been dropped or used with weights well beyond its maximum capacity? If any of these things have occurred it could be that the strain gauge/ load cell has been damaged. If this is the case then the damaged component will need to be repaired or replaced.


5. Is your balance in an area where it can be affected by strong electrical fields such as electric motors? Or can it be subjected to electronic interference – mobile phones etc?


6. Have you checked the electrical connections to you balance – batteries or mains connections? If it is battery operated, try replacing the batteries and at the same time checking the electrical contacts.


7. Is the scale pan dirty or dusty? Is there a buildup of dirt or dust under the weighing platform?


Where Can I Find Out More About Weighing Balances?

If you would like to know about weighing balances and their use we suggest you obtain a copy of NITP 6.1 to 6.4 which can be obtained from the National Measurement Institute.


Make Sure Your Balance is Regularly Checked for Accuracy

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