Backflow Test Kits


How you can get the Best Performance from your Backflow Test Kit.


The Vital Role of Backflow Prevention Devices

If you are a plumber you will be familiar with the vital role played by backflow prevention devices in protecting water supplies from contamination or pollution. Authorities in most States of Australia require that Backflow Test Kits be calibrated at least once per year. This is necessary because these testers are sensitive instruments and frequently become inaccurate if not treated carefully. Refer Australian Standard AS 3500.


Look After Your Instrument and Save Money

The most important thing to remember is to drain all water from your tester after you have used it. Water supplies in some States of Australia contain high percentages of dissolved minerals. If you do not drain your tester after use these minerals form deposits on moving parts which can eventually lead to the complete failure of your tester.


Why Back Flow Testers Need to be Looked After

The Backflow Tester has three hoses: the red high pressure hose, the blue low pressure hose and the yellow vent hose. The heart of the tester is the piston and cylinder which responds to the water pressure by means of a magnetic coupling that activates the indicator gauge. If mineral deposits build up on the walls of the cylinder of the tester, this will severely affect the instruments accuracy.


Keep it Working in Tip Top Condition

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